About Us

After working together for eight years, Gregg and April formed Johnson & Laws, LLC in May 2018, for the purpose of focusing their energy on developing and expanding their defense litigation practice. By formalizing this new partnership, Gregg and April combined their more than forty years of litigation experience and their shared vision of creating a firm culture focused on excellence. Together, Gregg and April have a combined forty-plus years of experience defending the interests and reputations of public officials and municipalities in New York State in a broad range of complex litigation matters. From constitutional land use disputes, to law enforcement cases, to free speech claims in public schools and employment discrimination claims; their professional activities have continually involved not only prevailing in litigation for their clients, but also defending the hard-earned reputations of public officials and assisting them to manage and avoid future litigation claims.

Johnson & Laws, LLC continues the tradition of aggressive litigation strategies focused on determined advocacy designed to achieve successful resolutions for their valued clients. While Johnson & Laws, LLC is large enough to resolve highly complex litigation, they are also small enough to maintain highly personalized relationships with their clients, who appreciate their accessibility and flexibility.

While they have significant experience and expertise in the areas of Civil Rights and tort matters, Employment Law, and Education Law, the attorneys of Johnson & Laws, LLC have more than fifty years of experience in practice areas including Personal Injury, Construction and Labor, Commercial Litigation, Real Property Law, Criminal Law, and Navigation Law. Johnson & Laws, LLC attorneys regularly appear in federal and state courts throughout New York, as well as before numerous administrative agencies.

Their record of success on motions, at trial, and on appeal within the federal and state court systems reflects the culture of Johnson & Laws, LLC which is designed to effectively and efficiently respond to their clients’ needs and, above all else, to protect their interests. Accordingly, Johnson & Laws, LLC is focused on results and positive outcomes which begins at the inception of a claim and continues through motion, trial, and/or appellate practice.

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Gregg Johnson
April J. Laws
Olivia G. Reinhardt
Taryn Druge